Zebra Nipples

Fun to say, quick to make, and yummy to eat – a great blend of crunchy, salty, and sweet.

What you need- cookie sheet, wax paper, pretzels, hugs, and m&ms

About the pretzels, you’re supposed to get something called waffle pretzels??? I had never heard of them and didn’t see them so I got the normal little ones.

They were obviously a little bigger then the waffle ones so I put 2 Hugs on each pretzel. My cookie sheet held 35 pretzels so it took almost a whole bag of hugs to cover them all.

Preheat oven to 200 and put them in there for 5 – 10 minutes. The directions said 10 minutes but I never left them in that long, I think the longest they were in was like 7 minutes.

Here is a pic of them all ready to go in the oven.

After they get out of the oven plop a m&m down on top of them to sort of flatten them out.

Oh, and you’ll want to put down wax paper, trust me.

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